beautiful women - International Women's Day 2018

beautiful women

beautiful women
you are everything
I hoped my mom would be

my mom
was beautiful once
wasn’t she?

but she couldn’t see beauty
in me
or in you

beautiful women
you break
my heart
you show me what I yearn to be
what I yearn to see in myself

beautiful women
you show me how
how to…
how to…everything

beautiful women
who sing and dance
you remind me to play
you remind me that
freedom comes when we laugh and grin and
our hearts are tickled with rainbows

beautiful women
you don’t hold up half of the sky
you are the sky
the earth
the first touchstone for all new life

beautiful women
how do you share so freely?
how do you tolerate the fear of loss?
you've lost so much

how do you hold the immensity of your pain?
nestled next to the purity of your joy?
how do you wake up each morning
and live into the questions?

beautiful women
you shine when no one is watching

I hope you hug your brokenness and your wholeness
celebrate your growth that comes after a fire

beautiful women
I see you
I hear you
I am you


minh dang | original poem written 14 may 2015

Minh Dang