1-time volunteer Projects

- Organize a Shadow Day to your campus to show young people that college is possible. Invite faculty to open up their lectures for a few students to sit in. Take a tour of campus, student housing, talk abt financial aid, host a panel of current students, etc.
- Organize a donation drive for organizations with a wish list (e.g socks, coats, hygiene products, holiday gifts, etc.)
- Organize a movie screening and dialogue that brings the voices of people with lived experience of a social inequality.
- Host an art exhibit of work created by people with lived experience, survivors, and/or local community members.

Short-Term projects

- Organize a dialogue series to talk about pimp culture, objectification, racism, sexual violence, etc.
- Research local anti-slavery laws and host a public forum or teach-in
- Develop a tutoring program for survivors of trauma
- Develop a mentoring program for survivors of trauma
- Develop an internship program with local businesses
- Support the development of survivor support circles
- Work on an oral history project
- Host life skills training (e.g. basics of email/word processing/spreadsheets; budgeting)

Longer Term

- Apply for an AmeriCorps Vista member to help coordinate campus efforts or multi-campus efforts
- Place interns in local city government to work on city wide anti-slavery laws
- Begin convening a mixed group of faculty, students, NGOs, and staff to build greater collaborative efforts
- Connect with other campus anti-slavery events [e.g. Everyone do something on Human Trafficking Awareness Day (Jan. 11) or Anti-Slavery Day (Oct 18)]
- Work on policy issues that ensure kids in commercial sex are not arrested and allow victims to expunge records
- Make sure your campus contracts and vendors are slavery free (fair trade, ethically sourced, etc.)
- Make sure campus policies do not tolerate anyone who purchases children for sex (rape) on business trips