A list of potential projects for colleges looking to engage their students in anti-slavery academic service-learning and/or co-curricular service learning work. Before diving into any of these, connect with your local community organizations to make sure your project is of use to them. Invite them to share other ideas.

Many researchers study topics that are not directly connected to a personal experience. In the anti-slavery field, this means that survivors of slavery are rarely asked for input on the questions that matter to us. This is a list of research questions I have heard from other survivors and/or generated myself, through translating survivors’ concerns into research questions.

It has become clear to me that we need to talk about the interpersonal skills required to be engaged in anti-oppressive social justice work. It’s not just about learning the facts and figures of what is happening. Social justice work requires us to use ourselves as a means for change. We need to look inward at how we show up, and look outward at our impact on others.